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March 27, 2022 – Closing day at the Pass

As hard as it was to believe, Sunday, March 27th was the last day of the season at the Pass, with the closing day having been announced earlier in the week. Like many of the other day’s this season, I grabbed Shaun in the early am, and we headed out, stopping to pick up John at LCC before heading up Highway 58 to the mountain. As we pulled into the patrol lot to park, we were all quite amazed at the lack of snow on the frontside of the mountain.

The Pass on closing morning

The morning meeting went quickly, and we chatted about what activities we’d need to take care of during the day. Given that many of the upper mountain frontside runs were already closed, we decided to close Success just after opening to facilitate getting tower pads off the upper part of EPA early. In addition to needing to clear the mountain of all gear, we were also doing ski testing, which would add to the day’s activities. After the morning meeting, we headed out to open the hill, and I dropped into RTS to see how it was holding up. The conditions were firm until the breakable crust at the very bottom, but even so it was nice to ski my favorite run on the mountain.

RTS in the early morning

A few minutes before 9:00 am, I headed to the car to get Shaun, with the goal of doing a couple of runs with him before having to devote the rest of the day to work activities. Dave was nice enough to snap a picture of us at the base, and then we headed to Peak 2 to spin a couple of laps before I had to help out with ski testing.

Matt and Shaun at base
Shaun skiing Escalator

Before heading over to give them a hand however, I grabbed the saddle tube sled and took it down to the base, then rode the chair back up to EPA to head to Peak 2. At the bottom of Peak 2, while waiting for the ski testing group to arrive, I walked into the woods to take a leak, and then snapped a few shots of the base area from a different vantage point than normal. Awhile later, after waiting for a much longer time than it takes to ski Waldo, I radioed Hutch and he told me to just meet them on the run; one of the members was having a wardrobe malfunction which was really slowing them down. When I finally arrived on scene, they were just wrapping the issue up and were ready to go.

Peak 2 from the base
Hutch and Laurie in the meadow

After doing some controlled turns down Waldo, we spent a little time doing drills down Northern and then skiing crud snow in the Meadow, before ultimately finishing up with some snowplow drills on Boundary. Generally what we are looking for is folks that can ski in control, can follow direction, and have the foundational skills that will enable them to pull a rescue toboggan.

Hutch demonstrating a skill drill on Boundary
Patrol and ski testers

After several runs and several drills, we talked it over and agreed that the five folks that tested on this day were strong enough to pass and take the next step and interview with the patrol in the fall. Given that we’ve lost a few patrollers over the last couple of years, I’m looking forward to welcoming a few more members onto our team!

Talking it over
Hutch and Laurie at the top of Peak 2

After the ski testing was done, I headed down to get a quick bite to eat, and then it was time to start getting gear loaded and down to the base for closing. I worked my way back up to Peak 2, and helped Tyler and Anna get the evacuation gear and medical gear loaded onto the sleds that were at the top of Peak 2 so they would be ready to take down at the appropriate time. The next order of business was, in coordination with area management, to take down the tower pads on Peak 2. We closed Northern at 2:00 pm, and a cadre of patrollers headed down to pull the pads and ski them to the base of the lift.

Tyler and Anna loading a Peak 2 sled
The Fish bringing down a tower pad

Getting the pads down to the base of Peak 2 was the first order of business, and then getting them back up to the top of the lift and down to the base of EPA was another. I captured a few pictures of the pads being skied down, as well as coming back up the lift, including the two shots below of Dan.

Dan skiing a tower pad to the base of Peak 2
Bringing the tower pads up the Peak 2 chairlift

Skiing the pads down KP was a bit interesting, but we managed to get across the flats in the sticky snow without coming to a stop (or getting blown off the run on the steeper sections due to the pads acting like a giant sail), and finally got them to the base to put away. Then it was back up to Peak 2 for sweep and to take the sleds down to the base. I managed to sneak a run in on (closed) Good Time Charlie, and was able to slide the whole thing without taking my board off, but had to enter in through the trees and then slide over dirt sections in three or four places.

Hutch and Tyler at the top of Peak 2
Looking down Good Time Charlie

A few minutes before 4:00pm, we were gathered at the top of EPA for sweep, and once the final chair unloaded we took the remaining sleds/gear down, and swept the upper runs. Of course Dan and I had to “sweep” RTS, even though it was closed for the day, since we were needed at Twilight, and Patrick joined us as well. The snow was quite nice by the time we hit it, having softened significantly since the morning. The upper part of the run was pretty burned, and we had to avoid the rocks, trees and stumps, but once we got in, the turns were fun.

Dan skiing RTS with Patrick looking on
Harvesting some corn on RTS

Once down at the top of Twilight, it was time to sweep the lower mountain. Dan and I each grabbed a sled to take to the base, and I ended up sweeping George. The snow was sticky, but I thoroughly enjoyed my last lift assisted run of the season with the sled in tow, dodging bare patches of dirt on my way down the hill. As I worked my way down the hill, I reflected back on the season, and although it wasn’t a really epic season by any measure, I was grateful to be able to have had so many good days at an area I love with a great group of people on patrol. At the bottom, I stopped to roll up some fencing, and Craig skied up with a load of ‘boo, and we skied together down to the base with our loads of gear.

At the base, we spent a few minutes unloading the sleds and getting the gear put away before it was time for the evening meeting. Folks were pretty happy with how smoothly closing went, and we shared a few of our favorite stories from the season before it was time to enjoy a beer. To celebrate closing, I had brought up a 12-pack of mixed IPA’s from Deschutes Brewing, and there were several Oakshire pounders left over from the day before, so we had plenty of beer to go around. My beer of choice for the afternoon was a Grower Direct IPA, and it hit the spot.

Last run on ByGeorge with Craig
Grower Direct IPA from Deschutes Brewing

We hung around the patrol room for a half hour or so enjoying the company and the beer, and then Joe, Dan, John, Shaun and I headed to Gold Lake to cook up some brats and enjoy another beer to commemorate a good season. Hanging out at Gold Lake reminded me of several good trips the previous spring (and more to come this year I hope). I enjoyed another Deschutes IPA, this time a Symphonic Chronic, and soon the brats were cooked up to perfection.

Enjoying brats in the parking lot at Gold Lake
Symphonic Chronic IPA

A little while later, with both the food and the beers gone, it was time to hit the road, and it was hard to believe the season was over. All in all, it was another good year at the Pass, and though we’ve seen better snow years, I’m thankful that we were able to be open as long as we were. Hopefully next season will be even better, and deliver fresh snow early and often! 

March 19, 2022 – A brief return to winter

It was a welcome sight to see a coating of fresh snow on the mountain as we pulled in for a lazy Saturday patrol day towards the end of March. Around 3-4 inches of snow had fallen the night before, and the forecast was calling for snow showers throughout the day. After getting parked in the patrol lot and making sure Shaun was set for an hour or so before opening, I headed over to the patrol room to get ready for the day.

Early morning view at the Pass
A little last minute grooming

The mountain was looking like it was in much better shape than the previous few weeks, even if the new snow was only a thin coat. Morale was high with patrol based on the conditions, and after a quick morning meeting we headed out to open the hill. I opened RTS and it was in pretty good shape, so we pulled the closure so the public could get back on it as well. Once back at the base, I grabbed Shaun, and we headed out.

Patrol 2 before opening
Shaun ready to head out

Since there wasn’t any training on the schedule, nor were there many people at the Pass so incidents were minimal, I was able to spend some time skiing with Shaun, which was a real treat. He also didn’t have any friends up for the day, so he didn’t mind getting a few runs in with dad.

Skiing down the Peak 2 lift line
Shaun riding the EPA lift

We skied a few laps on the back, and then he wanted to go to the front and do RTS. He hadn’t been on RTS all season since it was pretty icy and closed most, if not all, of the days he had been up this year. Nevertheless, he was excited to ski it. I was a bit nervous when he dropped in, but he did great and wanted to do it again.

Shaun skiing down RTS
At the intersection with Lois Lane

I suggested we head over to High Lead and sneak in through Timburr to see if we could find some fresh snow, and then maybe head back to RTS. It was tough getting in (we had to cross over some rocks and dirt), but once in the snow was nice and it was cool to see Shaun get to ski some untracked snow.

Sneaking a run in on High Lead
Ready for another RTS lap

Back at the bottom, we met up with Dan, and headed back over to RTS for some more runs. Shaun skied it over and over again, and ended up doing it 9 times throughout the day (including closing). Dan gave him a few pointers about form, and by the end of the day he was skiing it a little more smoothly.

Negotiating a steep pitch on RTS
Shaun skiing while Dan looks on

With light radio traffic and no training, the day went quickly as we pounded out run after run, and soon it was time to head over to Peak 2 for closing. We skied Destiny down to the Peak 2 chair, and when we got to the top, patrollers were gathering to assign closing runs.

Shaun and Dan at base
Julie, Anna and Aimee ready to close Peak 2

Peak 2 sweep went smoothly, and soon everyone was gathered at the base and ready for one last chair ride back to the top. Tim was at the bottom bumping chairs, and Shaun and I got the last chair of the day for the ride back up. It had been snowing a little during sweep, but as we rode the lift up, the snow really started to come down and it felt like winter.

Patrol heading back up after sweep
The P2 crew up top on Peak 2

At the top of Peak 2, it was dumping snow. Everyone made the ride/hike back over to the top of EPA, and gathered for upper mountain sweep. I pulled out my camera to take a few pictures while the storm continued to puke snow.

Patrick and Julie enjoying the storm before upper mountain sweep
John and crew waiting for sweep to begin

Once last chair had unloaded, Patrick called upper mountain sweep on, and it we headed down for the day. Shaun and I cleared RTS, and then headed down ByGeorge while the rest of patrol covered lower mountain sweep.

Patrol right before upper mountain sweep

At the bottom, Shaun headed for the car and I took care of some paperwork in the patrol room before we gathered for our evening meeting debrief. The meeting went quickly, and everyone was pretty stoked on the day, the conditions, and the fresh snow. Given it was Saturday, everyone enjoyed a cold beer after the meeting, and it was somewhat bittersweet because we knew the end of the season was approaching. My beer of choice for the day as a tasty Pop Demand Haxy IPA from Sunriver Brewing Company, and it hit the spot.

Pop Demand from Sunriver Brewing

Before too long, it was time to hit the road and head home, after another enjoyable day on the mountain. After loading the gear in the car, we said goodbye to the parking lot crowd, and headed down Highway 58, and another good patrol day was in the books.

March 6, 2022 – Eagles on Eagle Peak

After a fun trip to Tam McArthur Rim, it was time to head back to the Pass for my first day of patrolling in March. With all the rain in the previous week, expectations for the day weren’t high, but at least the sun was shining when I pulled into the parking lot a little before 7:30 am. After donning gear and getting the assignments put up on the white board outside the patrol room, it was time for our morning meeting. Dan and Patrick did a good job leading the medical minute on the proper use and installation of the beach chair, and then it was time to head out and open the mountain.

Medical minute in the morning
Patrick and Dan leading a beach chair demo

I headed up to EPA to help with opening, and it was nice to see Odell Lake again after being away from the Pass for a couple of weeks.

Opening at the top of EPA
Patrick and Greg with the 100 atop EPA

I spun a lap or two on the lift before heading down to check in on Shaun and Tanner, who had come up with me and were planning on skiing together during the day. The snow was quite firm, but it was apparent the rain had really put the hurt on the front side of the mountain, and there was quite a bit of dirt showing on the big four. By the time I came back up to the top, we were ready to open Peak 2, and I grabbed a quick pic before dropping the rope and heading back.

Looking off to Peak 2
Andy, Dan and James at Peak 2

Around 10:00 am, I met up the SPY at the base, and we headed out to show them a few of the out of the way areas to help get them familiar with them in the event we ever had incidents that needed responding to. We spun a few laps on the backside, and skied through Obvious Choice, Lighthouse, Cherokee, and the Meadow. The snow was pretty terrible, but it was still fun to visit the out of the way spots and show Cesca, Calvin and Silas around.

P2 SPY – Silas, Calvin and Cesca in the Meadow
Diamond Peak from Peak 2

By the time we were done exploring, it was nearing 11:30 am and I headed back down to the base to get an early lunch. Once finished, I headed back up to the top of EPA and found Dan sitting bump.

The memorial outside the patrol room
Dan at EPA

I waited around up top and bit, and soon Shaun and Tanner arrived, and I was able to have Dan grab a picture of me with them. They didn’t want to wait long though, since they were skiing with some other friends. Before long I wonder if I’ll even be able to keep up with them!

Shaun and Tanner at the top of EPA
Looking up the EPA liftline

After Shawn and Tanner took off, I decided to check out RTS to see how the conditions were. It had been closed for quite awhile, but I wanted to give it a go. Dropping in, it was pretty firm. I made my way to the bottom, and headed out via Lois Lane. Spinning around back to the top of EPA, I snapped a quick pic of Andy and Craig with their matching skis.

RTS from near Lois Lane
Andy and Craig up top

Even though it wasn’t that great, I decided to drop into RTS for another lap, and before I got to the top of Twilight, I got a call regarding a courtesy ride there. I dispatched Patrick to respond, and when I showed up he took me up on my offer to provide a tail rope. We ended up doing a double, in more ways than one, in that the courtesy ride was for two small girls who were sisters and not older than probably 6 or 7. The other part of the double was that as soon as we got to the base, we got a call for another courtesy ride for a snowboarder with a broken binding. We made a quick turnaround with the sled, and headed down again with the snowboarder in tow.

Patrick giving a courtesy ride
A broken down snow cat on Duck Soup

After a couple of courtesy rides, I was ready to get away from Twilight, and headed back up to the top of EPA. I chatted with Buz for a few minutes, and then Dan and I headed down and worked our way over to Swoosh, which was skiing quite nicely.

Buz on bump at EPA
Dan skiing Swoosh

We headed back to the top of EPA again, and it was time to start getting ready for sweep. While I was talking to a few patrollers at the top of EPA, we noticed a couple of bald eagles circling above us. I quickly put on my telephoto lens, and was able to take a few pics that turned out when one of them landed on a dead snag in the tree farm.

A bald eagle perched above EPA
Taking flight

By the time I was done taking pictures, I noticed I was a little late for Peak 2 sweep. It turned out not to matter however, since there were plenty of others that had it covered. So instead of sweeping, I hung out with Greg at the top of EPA and monitored the radio traffic while we waited for everyone to come our way to start upper mountain sweep.

Greg just before closing
Patrollers done with Peak 2 sweep and heading to EPA

Soon, everyone was back at the top of EPA, and we swept the upper mountain after the final chair unloaded. Both upper and lower mountain sweep went off without a hitch, and everyone was happy for the day to come to a close because it meant it was time to crack open a beer after our evening meeting. Since it was a Sunday, I had brought up a mixed 12-pack from Pelican Brewing, and we also had a 12-pack from Ninkasi Brewing that was given to us from a visiting patroller earlier in the day.

Cape Crasher from Pelican Brewing

My beer of choice for the evening was a Cape Crasher IPA from Pelican, and it definitely hit the spot while hanging out with fellow patrollers after a long day. Eventually, after the beers disappeared and everyone was through with the BS, it was time to call it a day and head home. I did a quick look through of the day’s incident reports, locked up the patrol room, grabbed Shaun, Tanner and our gear, and we hit the road, satisfied with another good day at the Pass.

February 27 – March 3, 2022 – Tam McArthur Rim

After missing the huts last year after eleven consecutive trips, our crew was stoked to head back to Tam Rim for another stay in the huts operated by Three Sisters Backcountry. The weather forecast wasn’t looking real favorable for our stay, with a significant amount of rain on the way with high freezing levels, but it looked like our first and last day would provide some powder turns. Our crew of ten met at the Upper Three Creeks Sno-Park a little before 9 am and set about unloading gear and getting it ready to load in the sled trailers. Jonas and Gabe pulled in a little bit later, and it was great to see them again after missing them last season. A bit later, we had the sleds loaded and were ready to head out.

The crew ready to head out

The six mile sled run in to the huts went quickly, and after unloading gear, we wasted little time getting out on the skin track to get a few turns in. The snow around the huts was heavy, but at least it was soft and it wasn’t raining. We headed out to the top of the Proboscis and it was pretty windy. After taking off the skins and getting my board in ride mode, I flipped it over stuck it in the snow, binding side down. Then, something that’s never happened in over 15 years of splitting happened — a really big gust of wind blew my board up and over and it took off down the slope — fuck! Peering over the Proboscis, which was wind loaded, I spotted it half way down the slope. Thankfully the damn thing stopped in the deep snow at a point where it was accessible and didn’t make it down to the trees below where it would have been gone forever. After retrieving it, the others came down, and we resumed our turns as normal. The snow was heavy and about 8-10 inches deep, but rode pretty nicely.

Brian cranking a turn
Kate slashing the heavy pow

We worked our way down from the Proboscis, and wrapped around to the west, with the goal of heading into the Orchard Bowl to check out the conditions. I pulled out the camera and snapped a few photos of the crew coming down, including Shannon, as well as Hutch, who was enjoying his first trip to the huts.

Shannon on the Hovercraft
Hutch getting some of the action

Dan and Brian came down last, and I grabbed a few pictures of them as well after they navigated through the tight entrance to the lower bowl. Although the fresh snow was nice, the overall lack of snowpack in the area compared to prior years was pretty apparent.

Dan heading down towards the Orchard Bowl
Brian ripping a pow turn

At the bottom, we regrouped and everyone put the skins back on for a quick trip over to the Orchard Bowl. Even though the snow was heavy, the stoke factor way pretty high!

The Crew at the bottom of the Orchard Bowl

Once we had skins on, I headed out and set a track up and across the Orchard Bowl. It felt nice to head up the slope where Todd, Andrew and I first cut our teeth at Tam Rim so many years earlier. About halfway up, I stepped aside and let Hutch break trail for awhile, and a little bit later we made it to a high point that would serve as a good place to transition, just below the cliff band a few hundred feet off the top. A few minutes later, the others worked their way up, and we readied to drop in. Hutch and Rob dropped in first, and headed down to the bottom. I dropped in next, and stopped about halfway down to shoot a few pictures of Shannon while she came down after me.

Hutch heading down the Orchard Bowl
Shannon carving through a pow turn

The others came down one by one, and at the bottom we regrouped. Everyone was excited for another lap, and with the skin track already in, it was an easy decision to head up.

Some of the crew at the bottom of the Orchard Bowl

The skin to the top went quicker than our first run, since we weren’t breaking trail through deep snow, and before long, we were back at the top. Brian, Mark, Randy and Kate rejoined our group, after spending their previous lap checking out the west side of the Orchard Bowl.

Rob and Hutch up top
Fischer transitioning

Soon, it was time to drop in for a second lap in the Orchard Bowl and our third lap of the day. Hutch and Rob headed down first, and a moment or so later, I was ready to drop in. Right before I took off, I heard Mark say something. Looking up, I saw his ski take off down the slope while he was trying to clear it of snow and step into it. It picked up speed, launched off a small tree a couple hundred feet below us, and then it was gone. Fuck! Somehow, we managed to find in the tree farm below us about 20 minutes later, after searching for holes in the snow where it could have landed. It was buried under the snow, and again we felt super lucky. After backcountry skiing for almost 20 years without a single trip where we had a runaway ski or board, this made two in the in the last hour — pretty unbelievable. 

Shannon and Randy heading back towards the Playground

After all the shenanigans, we were able to regroup at the bottom, and decided to head off to the east and check out a few shorter laps above the huts before calling it a day. Rob and John stayed back to get one more lap in the Orchard Bowl, while I set a skin track for the rest of the group back towards the Playground. Soon, we rejoined our track from earlier in the day. A bit later, it was time to drop in, and everyone found a good line down, but the snow was getting really heavy and it made the turns a bit cumbersome. At the bottom, most of the group decided to call it a day, but Dan and I wanted to get one more run in, so we stayed back with intentions of hitting the “Dan” bowl. It was also beer-thirty, and I pulled out my beer for the day, a tasty Mirror Pond from Deschutes Brewery.

Mirror Pond from Deschutes

A few minutes later, Dan and I were enjoying our beers and making the transition back to skins. A couple of swigs later, the beers were finished and we were ready to head out, except there was one problem. Dan tried several times to get his right ski on, but it wouldn’t take. As it turns out, a piece of his binding had broken, and he was pretty much screwed. Good thing he had an extra pair of skis at the hut. We ended up making a slow ski back to the huts, with Dan on one ski cruising through the deep, heavy snow. About halfway back, he switched the ski to his other foot to keep from getting too tired on one leg, and we made our way back down to the huts.

Dan limping out on one ski

Back at the huts, it was time for a margarita after what turned out to be a pretty good day of turns. Everyone settled in for the evening, and Hutch set about making dinner for our first night. Hutch is an excellent cook, and everyone enjoyed the chanterelle ravoli in a brown butter sage sauce, along with an excellent salad. Even though the weather was going to be suspect on this trip, we all knew we were going to eat well! After dinner, it was time to sit back and relax, and enjoy some good company and the laughter that comes when you have a bunch of skiers hanging out in a yurt together.

Fisheye view of the Owl Hut

Sleep came easy on Sunday night, and as predicted, we woke on Monday morning to the sound of rain beating down on the huts. It wasn’t just a light drizzle either, it was full on raining, and it was forecast to continue throughout the day. It looked like it was going to be a lazy day around the huts, and provide an opportunity to shoot a few photos from a different point of view.

The sauna in the morning rainstorm
Morning rain as seen through the Owl hut door

Given the weather, nobody was motivated to get out for a tour, and the snow had turned to complete slop. We ate a leisurely breakfast, and then bid farewell to Kate and Randy, who were heading out a bit earlier than planned given the rain. As the day wore on, I grabbed my camera and looked for a few suitable subjects to shoot around the huts. The below shots of the fire, taken while turning my camera 180 degrees while depressing the shutter, as well as my goggles would have to suffice.

Motion blur of the wood stove
My goggles reflecting in the hut

Around 1:00 pm, with nothing better to do, it was time to crack a beer. My planned offering for this day was a super tasty Phaser Hazy IPA from Ecliptic Brewing Co. The Phaser Hazy is probably my favorite of the hazy IPA’s out there right now.

Phaser Hazy IPA from Ecliptic Brewing
Looking out to the Sauna from the Owl hut

Around 2:30 pm or so, the rain finally quit, and it seemed like a good time to head out on the lake to try to get a phone call out to my wife. Walking out to the lake, I couldn’t get any service, but I was able to see out into the Orchard Bowl where we were skiing the day before. The west side of the bowl had slid pretty big, and I just happened to look up when the whole east side released. The slide was massive, starting at the top of the bowl at the cornices, and it slid the entire length of the bowl. In all my years coming in to the huts at Tam Rim, this was probably one of the coolest things I had ever seen.

Big slides in the Orchard Bowl

I headed back to the huts, and found Hutch who hadn’t witnessed the slide, but saw it’s aftermath from a point higher up behind the huts. We climbed back up to take a look, and I was able to get enough service to to get a call out. By the time I got back to camp, it was beer thirty, and it wasn’t raining, so we were able to get out on the deck and enjoy the fire.

Rob, Dan, John and Hutch
The crew enjoying the fire

Before long, it was time go get ready for dinner, and Brian and Shannon were preparing what has become a staple at the huts — Alaskan Coho salmon, served up with a side of pasta with a basil sauce as well as a garden salad. Brian has the salmon cooking dialed in, starting it on the wood stove, and then moving it out to the open fire on the deck.

Seasoning the salmon
Salmon cooking over the wood fire

The salmon hit the spot, and with the rest of the meal also being first class, we all agreed that even if the snow sucked for the rest of the trip it would be worth it just for the food. After dinner, Dan fixed up another round of margaritas, and then I headed outside to try my hand at taking a few photos with the fisheye lens. I took several shots, including both with and without the flash, but decided I liked the shots with the flash best, since there wasn’t enough ambient light from stars themselves.

The fire and the Raven hut in the evening

After the photo shoot, I headed back inside and everyone enjoyed some more good company before settling in for the evening. A bit later, it was time to hit the sack, and get ready for another day in the morning. The next day, we woke to warm temps and a slight drizzle. Not to be deterred, we ate a hearty breakfast, and set about getting our skis ready to head up the skin track. Shortly before we headed out, we bid Mark farewell before he set out on the snowmobile track to head home for the week. Then, after a quick beacon check, it was time to hit the skin track.

Shannon arriving at the saddle below the Proboscis
Florescent colored lichen on a pine tree

The weather held at bay while we worked our way up towards the Proboscis, although there was a bit of wind. I caught a picture of Brian standing next to a dead snag on our way up, and then we continued on.

Skinning by an old snag

A short time later, we worked our way up to the Proboscis, and decided to tour on out to the Prow. Arriving at the top, we were greeted by some clouds and quite a bit of bare dirt. Even so, it was good to get back on the Prow again, and I was reminded of my first visit with Andrew and Todd so many years earlier.

Brian and Hutch looking off the Prow
Matt on top of the Prow

As we walked about the Prow, the weather started to improve, and the clouds lifted enough to be able to see into the bowls below. It was pretty awesome seeing the crown lines and avalanche debris in all directions after the previous day’s rainfall. Then, just as we were getting ready to head back to the skis and step in for some turns, a pretty nice rainbow came out across Three Creeks Lake below.

A weathered tree atop the Prow
Hutch and Shannon in front of the rainbow

I quickly grabbed my camera, and put the wide angle lens back on, and rushed back out to the end of the prow to snap a few shots. The shot below was probably my favorite from the whole trip. I also managed to get in a good shot of Brian and Shannon before we headed down.

Rainbow over Three Creeks Lake
Brian and Shannon on the Prow

Eventually, it was time to put the skis and boards on and head down. The slide down to the Proboscis from the top of the Prow was probably the slowest ride I’ve ever had while at Tam, due to the super stickiness of the snow, but finally we made our way down the ridge and then over to the Playground.

Brian at the top of the Playground

The skiers and dropped in first and took the line to the right, and left Brian, Shannon and I up top. Brian dropped in next, and headed down to the left, making a nice toeside carve down towards the ridge line. After Brian, Shannon dropped in to the right, and I followed Brian’s track, enjoying the steep, smooth snow on the wall above the chute.

Brian cranking a toeside turn
Rob in the Playground

At the bottom, Dan and I were game to head back up for another lap, while the others headed in to the huts. It was a short skin track back to the top, and the second lap provided fun, albeit wet and sticky, turns back down.

Hutch and Brian at the huts

Back at the huts, we settled in for the afternoon. Then, before dinner, Dan, John, Rob and I decided it would be worth heading out behind the huts for one more lap on the west facing slopes, even though the snow proably wouldn’t be all that good. The skin up was short, and I remember being startled by the lack of snow on the ground compared to past years. It was even down to dirt in many places. However, I was optimistic that once we made it to the top, we’d find something good on the way down. Even if we didn’t, it was definitely nice to be hanging out in the mountains with good friends. In fact, it was time for a cold beverage once we got to the top, so my first priority was to put my Genuine Optimism Porter from Oakshire Brewing on ice.

Genuine Optimism from Oakshire Brewing
Dan, John and Rob above the huts

After enjoying our cold beverages, Dan and I headed down while Rob and John decided to explore some terrain a little further out. The turns back down to the huts were fun, and it was time to start getting ready for dinner. On the menu was fish tacos, made with Pacific halibut from my freezer that I caught with my dad earlier in the summer. Dinner did not disappoint, and the tacos had all the fixings, touched off with a side of Spanish rice and black beans. After dinner, we all settled in to a lively game of “That’s what she said,” which produced a whole bunch of laughter, as well as some pretty good one-liners. As the evening wore on, it was time to hit the sack, and we retired to our bunks for a good night’s rest. The next morning dawned warm again, but it wasn’t raining and it looked like it would be a decent day for touring. The first order of business before hitting the skin track was to cook up a good breakfast, and the hashbrowns and eggs hit the spot!

The crew enjoying breakfast
Looking down on the lake from near the top of the Rim

After breakfast, we headed out on the skin track and worked our way up to the Rim. The sun was trying to come out, and like the day before, we headed up to the Proboscis and then on to the Prow. Dan, Rob, John and I decided it would be fun to keep touring out around the Rim, with the goal of making it to Snow Creek or maybe getting a look at the Yahtzee bowl.

Looking into the Animal Bowl from the top of the Prow
Rob nearing the Yahtzee bowl

The skin across the Rim between the Prow and the Yahtzee was pleasant, and as we approached the top of the Yahtzee the wind started to pick up a little. Standing at the top of Yahtzee was nice, and I was tempted to drop into our favorite line like we had some often on previous trips, but we figured a short skin out to look into Snow Creek would be more appropriate.

John and Dan looking into Snow Creek
Rob and Snow Creek

It was less than 5 minutes to get to the Snow Creek overlook, and we all had forgot how beautiful it is. The snowpack in the drainage was pretty thin compared to previous years, but it still made for some nice pictures.

Matt and Snow Creek
Dan and both Three Creeks Lakes

With our curiosity for getting a look at Snow Creek satisfied, we toured back along the Rim as the weather started to move in. By the time we made it to the Prow, it started to spit snow, and it seemed like a good place to enjoy my beer that I’d been carrying around all day. This day’s offering was a great tasting Hearts and Hammer IPA from Coldfire Brewing.

Hearts and Hammers from Coldfire Brewing
Rob at the Prow

We sat up top for a few minutes, enjoying our beers as well as the oncoming storm, and then it was time to drop in. Like the previous day, we worked down to the Proboscis, and the snow was quite a bit faster. Then, some fun turns through the Playground and down through the trees brought us back to the huts.

John and Rob after skiing the Playground

We settled in for the evening on what would be our fourth and final night at the huts. Hutch was in charge of dinner again, and cooked up a tremendous tasting smoky cod Israeli couscous dish, with a salad on the side. Everyone ate a double helping, and there was still some left over… good! Following dinner, it was time for another round of laughter, this time with a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. As usual, we laughed so hard it hurt, and finally after the game was over it was time to crawl in the sleeping bags one last time. The following morning, we were all pretty happy to see 3-4 inches of new snow and temps that were below freezing. We cooked up a nice breakfast, packed all our gear and loaded it into the sauna, and headed out. The skies were sunny and it was looking to be a great day for turns as we topped out on the Proboscis.

The crew on the Proboscis on our final day
Rob skiing the Jelly Roll

The views from the top of the Proboscis were nice, and Middle Sister was visible as were some of the volcanoes to the north. While we were getting ready to drop in, a thick fog came in seemingly out of nowhere, and whiteout conditions prevailed for a half hour. Finally giving up on good visibility, we dropped in carefully and enjoyed the turns down, and then over to the Jelly Roll for some more skiing. The Jelly Roll was pretty smooth, with about 4 inches on top of a crust, and the turns were pretty nice coming down. I managed to catch a few shots of Shannon enjoying the conditions.

Shannon Hovercrafting
Toeside spray on the Jelly Roll

From the bottom of the Jelly Roll, I set a skin track up and over to East Peak. It was nice to visit East Peak before we were done riding, since we hadn’t been there the whole trip and it’s one of my favorite spots on the Rim. At the top, the weather cleared enough for us to be able to see across the Rim and back out to Middle Sister. Anna and Jonas also popped out on top while we were there, and it was nice to catch up with them for a few minutes.

Brian and Shannon on East Peak
Shannon enjoying turns off of East Peak

The skiing off of East Peak was pretty nice in the open meadow, and by the time we were done we had seven tracks down the line. I snapped some pictures of the skiers and riders as they came down, and we regrouped at the bench below.

Hutch on East Peak
Brian charging on the last morning

From the bench down to the huts, the snow was pretty heavy, which made for some challenging turns through the trees. Nevertheless, I still found some fun turns in the woods, and when we got to the huts the first order of business was to celebrate with a Ruby Ale from McMenamin’s.

Dan picking out his line
Ruby Ale from McMenamin’s

Since it would be an hour or so before Jonas and Anna were back, we started loading our gear in the sleds while we enjoyed our beers. It also was a good opportunity to kick back and relax a bit on the deck, so we started a fire in the fire pit and did just that.

Dan and John taking a break from loading the sleds
The crew enjoying the fire before we headed out

Soon, Anna and Jonas popped out of the trees, and after securing the loads with a few straps, we were ready to head out. I snapped a few final pics of our group before we departed, and also managed to get a shot of Hutch and Dan on the ride out without losing my balance or my camera!

Ready to head out
Hutch and Dan on the snowmo out

On the way out, it was nice to see the Sisters and Jefferson basking in the sunlight. They looked to have survived the rainstorm all right, but there definitely was a lot of rock showing that shouldn’t have been for early March. The snowpack down low really took a beating as well, and we had to cross several patches of bare pavement that were covered by a couple of feet of snow on the way in. Even so, we managed to make it back to the parking lot without incident, and that brought the end to another trip to Tam Rim. Although it wasn’t best snow I’ve ever had in the area — if I’m being hones it was probably the worst snow I’ve ever had in the area — it still was a damn fun trip with great company. Next year’s hut trip is already reserved, and I know we’re all looking forward to heading back, hopefully with better snow!