Rail Jam and Easter Sunday at the Pass

Late March days at the mountain usually bring fun conditions, and this year was no exception. On Saturday the 23rd, the forecast was calling for a bit of fresh snow and cooler temperatures, and the mountain was looking good when Shaun and I arrived early to unlock the patrol room. After our morning meeting, we headed out to open the hill and I snapped a few pictures of Shaun, Silas and Edward lined up at the base of EPA waiting to load the chair. A few minutes later we hopped on the lift and made our way to the top to open runs.

Edward, Silas and Shaun at opening
The SPY ready to open runs

Once up top, patrollers headed down to open runs after getting the saddle closure up. The word on the radio was that the resident Sierra Nevada fox was out at the top of Twilight, so a few of us headed that way once we had Peak 2 open for the morning.

Gretchen, Emily, Hannah and Amber at EPA
Fox hunting at the top of Twilight

By the time I rode the Twilight chair and made my way to the top of Twilight, the fox was gone but I found Hannah, Matthew, Gretchen and Jenn hanging out, and it was fun to just hang out and enjoy the quiet morning. A bit later, I worked my way to the top of EPA where Anna was going over knots and fencing work with the SPY

Anna showing SPY the ropes
Anna posing with the recruitment sign featuring her skiing pow on RTS

From the top of EPA, I checked my watch and decided it was a good time to head down and check out the rail jam at the lodge. After a brief pit-stop in the patrol room for a bite to eat, I headed out and saw skiers and riders sessioning the rails near the Midway lift, while DJ Toby kept the beats pumping.

DJ Toby at the rail jam
A competitor airing off a rail

There were a few riders that were definitely killing it on the rails, and several patrollers and other folks enjoyed watching the jam session unfold. After enjoying the scene for awhile and downing the rest of my coffee, I got called away to deal with dispatching a couple of patrol to an incident, and then headed up to enjoy a couple of runs before getting ready to close.

Anna and Jenn taking in the rail jam
Amber on RTS

Closing the mountain went off without a hitch, and we closed down Peak 2, then upper and then lower mountain before heading into the patrol room to enjoy some bean dip along with cold beers for patrol and cold sodas for the SPY. My beer of choice for the evening was a tasty Cold Smoke Porter from Planktown Brewing Company, and it was the perfect pairing for the cold, snowy weather.

EPA closing crew
Up In Smoke Porter from Planktown Brewing

After changing out of ski boots and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow patrollers, as well as some good food and beer, Shaun and I locked up and headed down the hill for home. We were on the schedule with Patrol 2 for the next Sunday for Easter, and after a quick week, we found ourselves back at the Pass ready for another fun day of riding and keeping the mountain safe. I was especially stoked for the Easter brunch we had coordinated for the day thanks to Amber’s great idea the weekend before.

Base area view in the morning
Amber and Anna posing with a Cascade 100

The morning started off per usual and we got the mountain open after our morning meeting and medical minute. It was nice to see Mindy out getting some skiing in, and she was making a few laps with Brad’s son Carter, who was dressed up in a Shark outfit for Easter. They both were all smiles at the top of EPA.

Mindy and Carter at the top of EPA
Shaun, Ryan and Scarlett in the air on EPA

After that I headed in with a few others and enjoyed a great Easter brunch. The food dishes were numerous, and the quality of the entrees was excellent. The deviled eggs were probably my favorite, but the ham in the crockpot was a close second! After eating my fill, I headed out with a full stomach and sat bump for an hour or so at the top of EPA to cover for one of our patrollers who was out. It was a good time to snap a few pictures of the SPY and enjoy the views from the top while the snow softened.

Self portrait at the EPA camera
SPY at the top of EPA

While hanging out, Emily made her way to the top and it was good chance for me to shoot a few pics with my telephoto lens. It has a great bokeh and I grabbed a couple of shots below, including the one of Emily pointing to her season pass from when she was like 5 :).

Emily at the top of EPA
Emily and her season pass

While hanging on bump, it was also a good opportunity to snap a photo of my beer of the day (which I drank after we were done), which I had in my pack and wanted to shoot from high up on the mountain. The below shot of my Tropical Fresh IPA from Deschutes Brewery was taken just off the top of EPA, with Diamond Peak in the background looking all fuzzy.

A tasty IPA from Deschutes Brewing

Once I was done with bump, I made a lap down Timburr and the snow was starting to corn perfectly. It was night and day difference from my opening lap on the run in the morning. At the bottom, I caught up with Dan and Amber who were game to try Timburr, so I turned around and did it again.

Dan and Amber on Timburr
Dan cranking turns on Timburr

After that, Amber wanted to ski RTS, so we spun a couple laps on it, and it was in pretty decent shape. I was surprised to see some snow was still hanging on the trees as we headed over the side of the run.

Amber on RTS

After four or five runs, my legs needed a break and I stopped up top at EPA where several other patrollers were hanging out, enjoying the perfect weather. I caught a few pictures of Anna and Emily, including Anna lounging in the sled and then the two of them reflecting in the EPA camera.

Anna relaxing at the top of EPA
Emily and Anna reflecting in the EPA cam

I snapped a few more shots, including the one below of Emily and Anna that might be my favorite patrol picture of the season framed in front of Diamond Peak. A 183 mm focal length did the trick.

Emily and Anna with Diamond Peak

Someone (James?) even offered to grab a photo of all of us with me in the picture, so I got out from behind the lens for a change.

Patrol 2 crew at EPA
Amber & Emily

Soon after the photos sesh at the top of EPA, it was time to head to Peak 2 for closing. I found the SPY crew waiting at the top, ready to close runs, and was stoked to get a picture of them all together. This year’s Patrol 2 SPY crew was all-time, and probably the most competent group of ski patrol youth we’ve had on patrol since I’ve been on. Pictured in the first photo below are Silas, Shaun, Edward, Ryan and Scarlett.

The Patrol 2 SPY crew at Peak 2 closing
Peak 2 closing crew

Since I was a bit late to the party I ended up closing Boundary, and it was nice to close the run after everyone was gone. It reminded me of trips out to Pulpit in year’s past, coming back to the area after it had closed and having to skin back up the run to get back down the front.

Looking up Boundary at sweep

Peak 2 sweep and then upper mountain sweep went smoothly, and I headed down RTS with Edward as an “extra” to help with lower mountain sweep. Lower mountain sweep started a few minutes later, and with that the month of March came to a close.

Lower mountain closing crew at Twilight

At the base, everyone enjoyed a beer and/or some sodas, as well as some leftover ham and other tasty food from our morning brunch. It felt great to get out of ski and snowboard boots, and after socializing for a half our or so I reviewed incident reports and closed up the patrol room for the night. Shaun and I hit the road a few minutes later, after locking things up and cleaning the tables, and it capped of a fitting end to a great March at the Pass. Below is a parting shot of Emily from the top of EPA….

Parting show of Emily at the top of EPA

Early March days at the Pass

The days were rolling by, and it was hard to believe March was already upon us. After an epic 5-day powder filled hut trip, I was scheduled to patrol on Saturday and it looked to be a great day with lots of fresh snow on the hill. I headed out early with Carson, and we made it to the Pass early to get ready for the day (Shaun was off duty for the day hanging with friends in Sunriver).

The Saturday crew ready to open EPA

Our morning meeting went smoothly, and soon the crew rolled out to open EPA and Twilight. I opened Timburr, and it was probably the best run I’d had at the Pass all year, with 15-18 inches of light, deep, cold smoke. At the bottom, I checked  my watch and it was a few minutes past 9:00, so I grabbed Carson from the family room and we headed out to take a few runs.

Carson ready to head out for some turns
Carson, Althea, Hannah & Ian on the EPA chair

Skiing blue runs with Carson all morning while the conditions were so good definitely took a bit of restraint, but I’m hopeful it will pay dividends in the future when he’s ripping double blacks in the same conditions. We spun a couple of laps on EPA, and then headed over to Peak 2 and checked out Waldo, which was skiing quite good….

Carson skiing Waldo
Gretchen and Jenn in a big line on Peak 2

At the bottom of Peak 2, the line was huge, and even though I was hill chiefing, I stood in it with Carson since he’s not on patrol yet. While waiting, I loaded a sled for Gretchen, then hopped back in line. About 20 minutes later we made our way to the front of the line, and then enjoyed a run back to the patrol room where the crew was getting food out for our Saturday potluck. There was a smorgasbord going on by the time we got there, and I could tell it was going to be nice!

Lydia, James & Emily enjoying a P2 potluck

We grabbed several types of goodies from the offerings on the table, enjoyed lunch with the company of a few patrollers, and then headed back out for some more turns. Carson wanted to ride EPA so we headed up and spun a few more laps…

Ready to head back up EPA
Matt & Carson at the top of EPA

At the top, Hannah, Ian and Matthew were putting in some hours finishing up training with Michael, and I snapped a few photos of them enjoying a fun moment in the snow, before having to deal with a radio call from dispatch.

OEC training at the top of EPA

For the rest of the afternoon, I put the camera away and made turns with Carson. There were several incidents that needed management, but we made it to sweep without too many issues. After clearing the mountain, it was nice to enjoy a cold beer as well as some tasty bean dip and good company in the patrol room. All in all, it was another great day on patrol, and after reviewing incident reports, signing duty cards and locking up, Carson and I headed out.

The following weekend, I was back on duty for Sunday, and this time I had Shaun in tow while Carson had other engagements. There was a little fresh snow, but it was nothing like the week before. We arrived early as usual, held the morning meeting, and then opened the mountain.

James & Gretchen at the saddle closure
James & Emily on KP

After opening, but prior to lunch, I spun a couple of laps with James and Emily, and decided I had time to shoot a few shots of them skiing on Charlie.

James ripping Charlie
Emily cranking some turns

Emily was trying to say she wasn’t skiing too well, but the photos proved otherwise and she was definitely ripping. After a couple of runs, I headed in to patrol to check on a few things going on in the aid room, and when I was done it was time for lunch.

Emily enjoying Good Time

After lunch, I headed out to make a few runs, and found Amber and Joe hanging out at the top of EPA. The wind was whipping pretty good, and even though the temperature was hovering right around freezing, it definitely felt cold.

Amber & Joe at EPA

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly, with a few more incidents to respond to, but nothing out of the ordinary. I headed over to Peak 2 and did a couple of laps prior to sweep, and a few minutes before 3:30 I headed over to Kris Kross to help Shaun with the closure.

Shaun closing Kris Kross

Once we had Kris Kross closed, Peak 2 sweep started a few minutes later, and then it was time for Upper Mountain to begin. I hiked to the top of EPA while Shaun stayed put at Kris Kross, and a few minutes later we headed down. I snapped a few photos of the closing crew before we headed out…

Silas & Edward chatting with Austin at sweep
EPA closing crew

Once the upper mountain was clear, we closed lower mountain, and then headed in for our evening meeting. As had become the norm for Patrol 2 this season, we followed our meeting with chips and some kind of dip (this time I brought some queso). We also had a nice offering of beers, sodas and bubbly’s, and it was nice to hang out with the patrol after a good day. My beer of choice for the evening was an Cryo Stash Imperial IPA from Hop Valley Brewing, and it tasted fine!

Cryo Stash from Hop Valley

A bit later, the crew started to filter out, and after taking care of the evening hill chief chores, I rounded up Shaun and Atticus (who rode up with us), and we hit the road, happy with another good day on mountain.

Shaun & Atticus ready to head out

February 18, 2024 – Carson’s Second Shadow Day

The work week flew by, and before I knew it, Sunday rolled around, which meant another day of patrolling at the Pass. I headed out early with both Shaun and Carson in tow, stoked for my last day of patrol before my upcoming hut trip to Tam Rim. It was going to be Carson’s second day of shadowing patrol with Brian for his school project, and we pulled in early to the patrol room as usual to get ready for the day. After booting up and holding our morning meeting, we headed out to open the hill.

Carson and Brian opening Peak 2

Brian found a training bib for Carson, and after clearing it with dispatch, he was able to open the mountain with us. He and Brian headed up to EPA, and later I heard Carson calling in the medical equipment in the bump shack over the radio. I caught up with him and Brian, as well as James, a bit later when we were opening Peak 2.

At the base of Peak 2 while opening
Riding the Peak 2 chair

Once the mountain was fully open, it was time to take a few runs and enjoy the few inches of fresh snow before doing some sled checks. After hitting Destiny with Carson, Brian and Shannon, I worked my way back over to base and then up to the top of EPA where Joe and a few of our alpine patrolers were gathering.

Ready to ride Destiny
Joe going over sled running details

After enlisting Silas from our SPY ranks to ride as ballast in the sled, and listening to Joe discuss the points for feathering the handles and running a loaded sled, we shoved off for Eagle’s. Gretchen started out in the handles and James was on the tail rope, and they ran halfway down the run before switching places.

Gretchen in the handles
Heading down Eagle’s

Both Gretchen and James are strong sled runners, and both fresh off of training from the last year, and they made short work of running the loaded sled down the hill.

Running sled checks on Eagle’s
Silas taking a turn in the sled

As usual, I snapped a bunch of photos while they headed down, and noticed Silas filming from the toboggan. At the bottom, everyone unloaded and then we ran the sled back down to EPA unloaded and took it back to the top.

James in the handles
Running Eagle’s with the loaded sled

At this point, it was time to head in for lunch. I caught a photo of Dave and Andy down at the patrol room on my way out after enjoying some tasty Pad Thai, and then headed back to the top of EPA to sit bump for a bit.

Dave and Andy at base
Amber and Gretchen during bump

I found Shannon and Kerstin sitting bump in the shack, enjoying a break from the cold, windy weather up top, so I joined them for a bit. A few minutes later, Carson and Brian showed up, and I headed out to make a couple of laps with them.

Shannon and Kerstin on bump
Carson and the crew outside the bump shack

Carson wanted to ski Good Time, and I couldn’t believe how much progress he’d made under Brian’s tutelage for the day. I got a call on the radio regarding an incident, dispatched a couple of patrollers, and by the time I looked up Carson was already at the bottom of the run.

Brian ripping on the skis
Skiing Good Time

We spun a couple more laps on EPA, and then it was time to head over to Peak 2 to get ready for closing. Peak 2 sweep went smoothly, and then we made our way back to the top of EPA to ready for upper mountain sweep.

Running the KP gauntlet
Shaun and Carson at EPA

Ian was kind enough to grab a photo of me with both Shaun and Carson, which is somewhat of a rarity since the three of us haven’t been able to ski together all that often. Before we shoved off for sweep, I grabbed a photo everyone who was left up top.

Readying for closing at EPA
P2 closing crew

I hung back with Emily for a few minutes while she ran upper mountain sweep, and then headed down to sign duty cards, review incident report forms, get the queso in the microwave and the beers and sodas on the table. My beer of choice for the day was a tasty Stashadelica IPA from Hop Valley, and I had just enough time to get a picture of it before the rest of the patrol started to roll in from Twilight sweep.

Emily waiting up top
A tasty Stashadelica IPA from Hop Valley

A bit later, after clearing the mountain and holding our evening meeting, everyone enjoyed a beer (or soda) as well as some warm queso while de-booting and putting gear away. Finally, after everyone was gone, I locked up the patrol room and loaded the car with Shaun and Carson, happy with another fun day on the hill. Here’s a parting shot from the day…

Parting shot of sled check training

February 10-11, 2024 – NSP Level 2 Avalanche Class

After a month or so of planning, the NSP Level 2 Avalanche course was finally here. This year’s crew was a good one, and after a couple of in-town classroom sessions including trip planning, the class was ready for the weekend at the Pass. Hutch, who was the lead instructor, along with Brian and I, had a fun couple of days of activities planned for the group, and even though there wasn’t a bunch of fresh snow to greet us for the weekend the weather was looking to be beautiful. We spent the first hour or so in the lodge with the group, and after they did some additional trip planning, we caught the chair to the top of EPA with the goal of heading out of the area for some touring and learning.

Riding the EPA chair on a gorgeous morning
Meghan and Megan at the top of EPA

The sun was out, and we arrived at the top of EPA about the same time as the rest of the Patrol 2 crew. Since I was helping to lead the class, Devin had volunteered to hill chief for me, and it was kind of nice to get a “play” day in for a change.

Jenn ready for a great day
Jenn posing at the top of EPA

I snapped several photos of patrollers at the top of EPA, and the sun was bursting out above the fog that was hanging down on the east side. The below shot of Emily, Haley, Michael and James was one example of several…

Group shot at the top of EPA

After snapping some photos, the class gathered at Kris Kross by navigating to specific GPS coordinates, then did some beacon practice before donning skins and working our way up to the top of Peak 2 and then down to the saddle for an approach to West Peak. A few inches of fresh snow coating the trees made for some pretty pictures as we headed up from the saddle.

Jon and Ben on the track to West Peak
Shannon below a sunburst on West Peak ridge

A few minutes later and we were standing on top of West Peak, admiring the views and discussing terrain options. Our second group made their way up a few minutes later, and before jumping into the next task, I snapped a couple of pictures including one looking back towards the Pass from the top of West Peak and one of everyone including Hutch and Brian.

Looking back towards the area
The crew at the top of West Peak

The next step was for the students to perform snowpit assessments to determine snow stability — which resulted in super stable snow, which was a real shocker given the bomber snowpack. Nevertheless, it was good practice and it’s always good to dig a pit and perform an extended column test and examine the layers in the pack.

Conducting pit tests on West Peak
Group shot before dropping off the top

Once the snowpits were dug and tests performed, Hutch took off to hide a couple of beacons for a scenario down in SDN while the rest of us split into two groups led by Brian and I. We made some fun turns down the West Peak lift line, and the snow quality was actually pretty decent.

Heading down the liftline
Skinning up to respond to an avy “incident”

About halfway down, Hutch radioed in with coordinates of the “avalanche” and the groups switched from ski mode to skins and headed up to respond. We toured back up to the ridge and then dropped in to respond. After some confusion on the coordinates that was cleared up with another radio call, the groups responded to both locations and found the buried targets. A ski out through the trees and RTS runout brought us back to the area and we headed back up to work on some additional beacon drills.

Brian on the RTS runout

My group headed back up to EPA and then to the bottom of RTS to work on beacon practice. The students buried 2 beacons 3 feet deep or so in the RTS runout and took turns finding and digging them out, working on multiple burial scenarios. An hour or so of doing this brought us to the end of the day so we headed down. We were just in time to help with sweep, and I ended up on Twilight after bringing a sled from the bottom.

Jenn celebrating finding a target
Ben and RTS

After sweep, we had our evening meeting and then it was time to enjoy a cold beer and hang in the patrol room with the avy class to debrief the day and discuss the plans for tomorrow. I enjoyed a tasty Canadian-style lager from Oakshire Brewing, which hit the spot.

Visit Victoria Lager from Oakshire

After plans were firmed up for the following day, I headed down the hill to Oakridge with Shaun to stay at Brian and Shannon’s. They whipped up a tasty dinner of lasagna, and we enjoyed some good company and discussion on possible ski touring opportunities for the coming spring before hitting the sack and getting ready for Sunday. Sunday morning dawned early, and after a quick cup of coffee we hit the road and found ourselves in the lodge again readying the class for the day. The morning consisted of a multiple beacon proficiency test. Brian and I buried the beacons, and then the students participated in a timed drill individually in the Tree Farm where we had the beacons buried.

Hanging in the bump shack while waiting for beacon drills
Pulling targets after beacon drills

 While the students tested individually, the rest of the crew worked on strategic shoveling, snowpit analysis and organized probing. The final scenario for the afternoon, which was setup by Hutch and Hannah, consisted of multiple victims in an avalanche in the usual place on SDN. One difference from the level 1 class was that the incident wasn’t controlled for the students and they weren’t fully aware of what it entailed. When the call came in over the radio after lunch for the avalanche, they had to respond accordingly.

Shannon directing folks during the scenario
The team working on the event

The group designated Toby as the incident commander and he orchestrated a swift response to the scenario. He had Shannon lead a responding team that entered the incident to look for victims with beacons, and subsequent teams of two responded by spot probing around various clues and uphill of likely catchment areas.

Jon spot probing near a clue
The team working the scenario

It was fun to watch the students work the scenario, and they did remarkably well. Victims with beacons were all found within short order of them entering the scene, and soon others were found by probing clues.

Matt and Jenn near the bottom of the slide
Looking back up at Brian observing
Matt & Jenn
Sarah scribing and Toby managing the scene

After finding all the victims associated with beacons and/or clues, the final step was to setup an organized probe line and find the remaining victim. The group assimilated into a probe line quickly and made short work probing the toe, successfully finding the target in short order.

Probe line work
Probing for the final target

After the incident, everyone hauled gear and equipment back to the top of Peak 2, and we headed down for a debrief. Brian and I took SDN back to the base, and met up with the others in the patrol room. It felt good to have successfully led another avalanche class at the Pass, as well as prepare several more folks for leadership roles within the patrol. The students still had one in-town lecture remaining, but generally our work was done. Soon, the rest of the patrol came in after sweeping the hill, and after the evening meeting, it was time to hit the road after another great weekend at the Pass! Here’s a parting shot from the weekend…

Starburst on the top of EPA

February 3, 2024 – OEC Final & Sled Checks

The first weekend in February rolled in with high pressure and sunshine, which meant groomers in the morning along with some possible soft snow on the south faces in the afternoon at the Pass. As usual, I headed up early with Shaun, and after a quick stop at Dan’s, we made our way to the Pass. Both he and I were up to help out with the OEC final, and Shaun was on SPY duty for the day. After a quick morning meeting, we headed out to help open the mountain.

Patrollers waiting to load EPA
Anna ready to open up top

The sun made for a great opportunity to fire off some pictures at the top of EPA, so I wasted little time getting the camera out and snapped several shots of the various patrollers staging at the top of EPA where the OEC final would be taking place.

Ian and Joe chatting at opening
Joe and Ian talking about OEC and Sled Check-offs

The plan was for a pretty big day, and we started off with a couple of practice scenarios with the candidates where they worked on assessment and basic injuries with one of the instructors to get the blood flowing.

Hannah talking with the candidates
Amber stabilizing an arm injury on Dan

I worked with Amber while she provided treatment to Dan who had an upper extremity injury. Near the end of the process, I snapped a few photos of her rendering aid to Dan as well as Emily who was treating Andy.

Emily and Andy after a practice round
Instructors discussing scenarios

After a couple of practice rounds it was time to do it for real. The instructors discussed over the scenarios and then called the candidates in one by one to provide treatment while they were observed and evaluated. I was tasked with evaluating, so it was time to put the camera away and get serious.

Althea and Meghan waiting for the final
Readying for the final exams

Each candidate had to pass two separate and distinct scenarios, so there would be several scenarios to perform for the next few hours, since they each needed to lead two scenarios but also to assist on others. Everyone did a great job, and we wrapped up our work around 1:30. By then everyone was pretty hungry, so we headed down to the patrol room to grab a quick bite to eat and then I headed back out to check-in on the sled check-offs that Joe was helping with.

Kerstin running down Charlie for a sled check
Toby and Kerstin running a loaded toboggan

I was keen to get a few pictures because Shaun was taking his first runs in the sled as ballast and I wanted to get a few shots of him in the toboggan. As usual, he had his serious face on when I pulled out the camera. Toby and Kerstin did awesome in the handles and tail rope, and made short work of taking the sled down Charlie.

Sled check on Charlie
Shaun being ballast

I fired off a few more pictures as they worked their way down the run, and then it was time to ski it out and take the sled back to base so we could get ready for Peak 2 sweep. Shaun and I caught up with Dan in time to head over to Peak 2, and we headed down to catch the chair back up just in time for sweep.

Sled checks on Good Time
Heading down Escalator before sweep
Peak 2 Closing with Gretchen, Matt & Dan

Peak 2 sweep went off smoothly and after sweeping the runs and heading back up the chairlift to the top, everyone hiked over to the top of EPA for upper mountain sweep. The evening light was looking really nice, so I was able to coax several of our new Patrollers and a few of our Alpiners to post for a picture. After snapping a few shots, James took a picture of me and Shaun at the top as well.

Closing crew at the top of EPA
Matt & Shaun at closing

Right at closing, we got a call regarding a possible injury at the big corner, so I headed down while Dan waited up top to bring the sled down in case it was needed. After making my way to the corner, I told Dan to bring the sled down, but that we probably wouldn’t need it as the person I was working with had fallen but was more scared than anything given her friends had already went down and she was on the run all by herself. She was shaking and trembling, but it was quickly apparent it was from nerves, and after some encouragement and coaxing she was doing the falling leaf all the way down KP. We made it to the bottom without incident, and she was stoked to see her friends waiting for her near the patrol room.

Dan closing KP with a sled in tow

We held our evening meeting, and after debriefing the day’s events, it was time to enjoy a cold beer and get a few pictures of our new patrollers. My beer of choice for the evening was a Hayseed Hazy IPA from Chief’s Brew House, which is brewed literally just down the street from my house. It definitely hit the spot after a long day!

Hayseed Hazy IPA

After cracking open my beer and getting a couple bites of chips and dip, we quickly determined we needed to get a few shots of our new Patrollers. Our 5 new patrollers, all women, totally rocked the OEC final and I can’t think of a greater group of folks to have added to our ranks. Below are a couple of shots of Althea, Amber, Hailey, Emily and Megan. Congratulations ladies!

5 New Willamette Pass Patrollers!
A goof shot of our new patrollers!

We spent the next half hour or so enjoying the company of patrol, enjoying our cold beer and eating some good food, before it was time to clean up the patrol room and get ready to hit the road. All in all, it was another fun day on the mountain with great people. Here’s a few parting shots from the day…

OEC Final at the top of EPA
Parting shot of Kerstin and Toby pulling Shaun down Good Time