Milk Creek Glacier

The Milk Creek Glacier is situated on the upper western flanks of Mt Jefferson, and heads Milk Creek. Arguably, it is no longer an actual glacier, but rather a very small stagnant glacial remnant. According to the website, Glaciers of the American West, the Milk Creek Glacier occupied two lobes on Jefferson’s west side in the early 1900’s, but by 1938 the glacier was reduced to a glacial remnant and was no longer labeled on topographic maps. The below photo, courtesy of John Scurlock, shows what’s left of the Milk Creek glacial remnant below the summit block…

Milk Creek Glacier 2007 – Photo Courtesy of John Scurlock

Regardless of whether or not the Milk Creek Glacier is or isn’t an actual glacier, it is a beautiful place to take a snowboard. The below shots were taken in June of 2017 and May of 2018, respectively, a few hundred feet below the true summit of Mt Jefferson…

Riding below the summit Pinnacle – June 2017

Turns on the Milk Creek – May 2018


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