February 25, 2017 – P1 Fun

It was a couple days before our annual hut trip to Tam McArthur Rim, and the conditions at the Pass were as good as they had been all winter.  I was up for a Patrol 1 day, having switched with another patroller so I could spend Sunday packing for the huts.  After carpooling with Brian and Shannon to the Pass, we arrived at the patrol room greeted by fresh groomers and a healthy base.  The morning meeting went quickly, and soon we were out in the sun opening the mountain.  Brian found some gnar on the backside and decided to drop in while Shannon snapped pictures…

Brian going big

We spent the remainder of the morning enjoying some of the powder stashes left on Peak 2 as well as the Big 4 on the frontside before heading in for an early lunch.  John was grilling burgers and brats, which hit the spot after a morning of fun turns.

John grilling — photo by Brian

After lunch, we spent the remainder of the day before bump and sweep enjoying the cold snow on the backside.  Brian grabbed my phone and snapped a few photos of me surfing some of our favorites spots riders left of Where’s Waldo run…

Afternoon pow at the Pass
Untracked Willamette Pass snow

All in all, it was an excellent day and a great primer for the upcoming hut trip to Tam McArthur Rim!