Langille Glacier

One of the smaller glaciers on Mt Hood, the Langille Glacier is located west of the Langille Cliffs on the mountain’s north side, and below and between the Eliot and Coe glaciers. Named after the Langille family who managed Cloud Cap Inn from 1891 – 1907 and guided early climbers on the mountain’s north side routes, the glacier ranges in elevation from approximately 6500 to 7500 feet. Considered to be inactive, the Langille is basically a large snowfield that has been in retreat since the turn of the century. The photo below, taken in early August of 2011, shows the Langille, located just above timberline and in a direct line below Mt Hood’s summit.

Mt Hood's northside
Mt Hood’s northside

The Langille is part of a larger complex of terrain commonly referred to as the Langille bowls by backcountry skiers and boarders, offers excellent spring and summer turns. When combined with a trip to the Snowdome, total vertical can exceed 3000 feet. Access however, is somewhat of a challenge, given that the Timberline trail washed out a number of years ago and now requires a trek across the lower Eliot Glacier to reach the area and a subsequent hike back up to the base of the Eliot for an exit.

Summer turns in the Langille Bowls
Summer turns in the Langille Bowls

One of the prettier areas on Mt Hood’s north side, a trip to the Langille Glacier offers exceptionally scenic views of the mountain with a feeling of remoteness, and is definitely worth the effort required for the turns.