Bend Glacier

The Bend Glacier is the largest of Broken Top’s two named glaciers, and is located on the north/northeast side of the mountain.  It’s meltwater feeds the headwaters of Squaw Creek, which eventually empties into the Deschutes River.  The upper reaches of the glacier sit at an elevation of approximately 8700 feet, while the terminus is near 7400 feet.  As with most of the glaciers in Oregon, the Bend glacier has retreated significantly since the turn of the century. Riding on the glacier is possible, and decent turns can be found well into summer, though a bit of effort to reap the reward is required due to the approach.

Looking down on the Bend Glacier, June 30, 2011

The below photo, taken on August 28, 2007, is courtesy of John Scurlock, and shows the Bend Glacier looking east,

Bend Glacier in late August, 2007. Photo courtesy of John Scurlock