August 11, 2007 – Palmer Glacier, Mt Hood

Mt Hood was the destination for Todd and I as we looked to get August turns in for 2007. We didn’t really feel like hiking that much, especially after the massive snow melt off which has occurred recently so we opted to head to T-Line. Plus, my wife and I had our first child (Shaun – whom I’m hoping will become a member of the TAY club some day) on Sunday the 5th.

The snow was surprisingly good for most of the day, and the place was vacant after about 12:00. There were several public “lanes” open and the lift lines weren’t bad. We made so many laps I lost count. It was nice to get tons of lift served turns in, as opposed to the usual summer slog of hiking with only the return trip down.

Tele turns on Hood, August 2007

At the end of the day, we were able to ride down to about 300 yards from the lodge. There was a long finger of snow out towards the Zigzag glaicer that was still skiable for anyone interested in getting some “non-lift accessed” turns in on the south side of Hood. It’ll probably be good for a few more weeks.

August boarding on the Palmer

To complete the day, we stopped at the Ice Axe Grill (Mt Hood Brew Pub) in Govy and had a few beers on our way home. Their summer Hefewizen was excellent! I will likely be stopping there in the future!