October 28, 2006 – Palmer Glacier

Since the majority of October was blown away studying for my professional engineering exam (which was Friday the 27th), and there was only a few days to get turns in, Todd and I decided to head up to the Palmer Glacier on Hood for our turns, given that I can’t think of any other place in Oregon that would be worth riding due to the snow conditions. There was some pretty serious lack of snow on the Palmer, but it was still plenty rideable. The weather was perfect with sunshine all day. At first, I wished I had brought my long board as the snow was rock hard ice and I was having to speed check constantly. Fortunately, by about 10:00am it softened up nicely and we made several runs (so many I lost count). Hero snow followed until about 2:00pm when we gave up. There was even a nice little tabletop jump we played on in the afternoon.

October turns on the Palmer

We finished the day down at Govy with a round of well earned Ice Axe IPA’s which always hit the spot. The weather forecast for the next week is pretty dry; I’m hoping we get some snow soon and have a good winter, because right now it’s really, really thin! Here’s a parting shot of Todd making a tele-turn down the snowfield….

Todd cruising down the Palmer